Sara Birrell is a writer, editor, and lifelong dissenter who lives and works on Treaty 4 territory. When she’s not doing journalism or raising hell, you can find her writing short fiction or watching the birds.

Saima Desai is the editor of Briarpatch Magazine and a founding editor of the Sask Dispatch. She's a settler on Treaty 4 territory, and her family is from Gujarat. Follow her on Twitter at @saima_desai.


John Cameron worked as production manager and editor-in-chief at the Carillon at the University of Regina; since then, he has had work published in the Prairie Dog and Vice. When he isn’t reading about racial justice, climate, and labour issues, he’s usually bothering his cat or braising something in a Dutch oven. You can find him on Twitter at @warmandpunchy.

Copy editor

Jenn Harris loves many things: collective resistance to systemic oppression; delivering perfectly punctuated, grammatically correct material to her clients; trail running; her bicycle; being involved in her community; dancing; and apples.


Emma Schultz is a born and bred Saskatchewanian. She holds a degree in environmental studies and has a passion for Saskatchewan ecosystems. You’ll often find her sprucing up her tree identification skills, while deleafing alternative facts.

The Sask Dispatch’s fact-checkers also include Saba Dar and MacKenzie Hamon.


Kim Kovacs is a Canadian-Oxford-Dictionary-toting, red-pen-wielding, grammar-policing bibliophile who moonlights as a nitpicker (i.e. proofreader) on the Volunteer Brigade at Briarpatch and the Sask Dispatch. She is based in Regina, Treaty 4 Territory.

Web Developer

For over 15 years Derek Hogue has been designing and developing websites for radical publishers; artists and musicians; and non-profit advocacy organizations across Canada and beyond. He does this from his politically beleaguered yet economically affordable hometown of Winnipeg.

Board of Directors

The Sask Dispatch and Briarpatch are overseen by a dedicated and delightful volunteer Board of Directors. Each member is indispensable in guiding the publication through patches of rough sea and ensuring that the ship is sailing in the right direction.

●    Jacq Brasseur
●    Alejandra Cabrera
●    Saba Dar
●    Marty Grande-Sherbert
●    Darin Milo
●    Natalie Owl
●    Risa Payant
●    Shobna Radons
●    Emmy Ritenburg