Saskatchewan’s sex education policies harm genderqueer youth like me

The parental inclusion and consent policies introduced by the provincial government in August 2023 are negatively impacting what was an already insufficient sexual health education program.

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  • Toboggan hill

    We climb the toboggan hill next to the refinery at the edge of town. Our eyes squint into the low solstice sun, shadows bluing down the slope.
  • The CCF, George Hara Williams, and Saskatchewan’s socialist movement

    While Tommy Douglas is a household name, much of the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation’s history is less well-known. In "The Prairie Populist," J.F. Conway attempts to remedy this by sharing the stories of CCF leader George Hara Williams and the farmers’ movement that built the party and led it to victory.
  • A photo of a white stucco house with a brown roof, next to an empty lot. Behind it, the sun is setting and the sky is pink and orange.

    Huston House: A history

    In downtown Regina, a house on a residential street has, for 46 years, been the unofficial headquarters of progressive change in the city. This is the story of Huston House, and the left-wing organizations it has sheltered.
  • Call for pitches (May/June)

    The Sask Dispatch is accepting pitches for our unthemed May/June issue. Pitches are due Wednesday, January 4, 2023.
  • A black and white photograph from the 1940s. Three men stand in front of a billboard. The billboard says

    Rebuilding progressive politics in Saskatchewan: Facing the realities

    The Saskatchewan NDP has replaced its leader four times, once after each election defeat, since it last held power in 2007. These changes in leadership have not and will not make much difference. To handle today's global crises – now ecological as well as economic – will require building progressive coalitions, not just electing a new party leader.


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