Articles by Saba Dar


Saba Dar is a freelance writer and has worked on a number of environmental projects related to water conservation and water stewardship.

  • Saskatchewan’s Islamophobia problem

    Saskatchewan’s Muslim community dates back over 100 years – but Islamophobic hate crimes and microaggressions are still all too common here.
  • Selling off Saskatchewan

    A coalition of agricultural, environmental, and Indigenous organizations are calling on the Government of Saskatchewan to put an end to the privatization of Crown land, calling it a “hidden tragedy” for native prairies.
  • Protecting the peatlands

    A new proposal would mine peat from northern Saskatchewan muskegs for 80 years. Locals say it would be both devastating to the environment and a violation of Treaty Rights.
  • We can’t back down from Renewable Regina

    After interference from the premier and an uproar from residents, several Regina city councilors have signaled that they will back down from a proposed amendment barring fossil fuel companies from advertising in the city. Saba Dar explains why there will always be resistance to transition, and why we can't let that stop us.
  • Regina Municipal Election 2020: Environment & Sustainability

    The city walked back its 2018 motion to use 100 per cent renewable energy by 2050; but environmental sustainability has never been a more pressing local issue. Here’s how local activists are envisioning a truly renewable Regina.