Articles by Jim Harding

Jim Harding, lifelong activist and retired professor of environmental and justice studies, has written and edited several books. He is presently editing a book by Canada-wide activists entitled The Long Sixties: Critically Exploring the Roots of Transformational Politics in Canada. His small book, Moving Beyond Neoliberalism in Saskatchewan, which contains major sources for this article, is available as a PDF at Harding remains active as a founding director of the Qu’Appelle Valley Environmental Association.

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    Rebuilding progressive politics in Saskatchewan: Facing the realities

    The Saskatchewan NDP has replaced its leader four times, once after each election defeat, since it last held power in 2007. These changes in leadership have not and will not make much difference. To handle today's global crises – now ecological as well as economic – will require building progressive coalitions, not just electing a new party leader.